Alkaline Hydrolysis & Terramtion

Alternative solutions to return to the Earth

Ecological Disposition Options

Alkaline Hydrolysis is an ecological cremation service provider in the state of Colorado. We offer two new ecological forms of body disposition after death. We specialize in Terramation (Natural Organic Reduction) as well as Alkaline Hydrolysis (Water Cremation). These new ecological services are available to all of our partnering funeral homes across the country.

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Water Cremation

Water cremation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a process used to gently transform human remains, using a combination of water, heat and alkali. Water cremation offers a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional burial and cremation methods.

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Terrmation, also know as Natural Organic Reduction, is a process that transforms the human body into a nutrient-rich regenerative living soil. Terramation is our most sustainable and environmentally friendly form of disposition compared to any other method of burial or cremation.